What You'll Get In

What you get are 11 Training Modules that teach you, step by step, the skills you’ll need to be the BEST Eyelash extension artist and expert available in your area, period.

Module 1 Basics: In this module you’ll be prepped for what to expect and we’ll get you setup with the foundational knowledge you’ll need to be a success.


Module 2 Consultation: Here we’ll delve into how to properly get into the mindset of your prospect to figure out what their motivations are for getting eyelash extensions, whether they’re good candidates for the service and so that you can make better recommendations and solidify your position as the only right choice why your clients should choose you to help them.


Module 3 Shapes and Thickness: In this module you’ll learn all about the subtle yet important differences of various available eyelash curl types, how they differ and which might be the best types to recommend depending on the clients want and needs.


Module 4 Tools: In this module you’ll learn about the various tools you’ll need in order to perform eyelash extensions like a pro, where to get them, why they’re important and how to use each one effectively with your clients.


Module 5 Taping and Cleansing Process: In this module you’ll learn how to properly prep your clients eye areas to ensure their safety while you service them and to make sure their eyelashes are free of anything that might interfere with the lasting effectiveness of the application.


Module 6 Classic Eyelash Extension Training: In this module we get into the details of classic eyelash extensions, how isolation works, the proper application of the lash, and how to assure the lash is always correctly positioned as it is being applied.


Module 7 Volume Lash Clusters: In this module you’ll learn the proper cutting edge techniques of this more sophisticated style of extension lashing and you’ll learn to be able to effectively execute it. You’ll learn step by step how to create individual eyelash clusters, which is a critical component skill to master this subtle art. After this training you’ll be well on your way to being a volume lash artist expert.


Module 8 Step By Step Isolation: In this module you’ll learn different ways to isolate the lash, which is one of the most important nuances people usually get wrong when learning to properly apply eyelash extensions. Once you can effectively do this you’ll have a clear reason why folks should and will pay you more for your eyelash extension service. Practice this and you’ll have laid the foundation for success with your new skills.


Module 9 Step By Step Lash Application & Eyelid Taping: In this module you’ll learn exactly how isolation and volume fans are done on a live person so that you’ll learn and see, firsthand how to perform the process on your new clients. Once you get the hang of this, competitors in your local area might be curious to learn from you, as you’ll clearly be leaps and bounds ahead of them.


Module 10 Cross Checking Your Work: In this module you’ll learn how to double check and make sure that your work was done properly, your clients lashes are set and the final finishing touches to be aware of before you and the client part ways until their next visit.


Module 10.1 Finishing Up: Some variants on how to create the subtle different variation finishes particular to the tastes and preferences of your different clients wants and needs.


Module 11 Eyelash Extension Removal: In this module you'll learn how to properly remove eyelash extensions which is an important skill to learn and can make you a hero to your clients especially when they're coming to you AFTER having gotten poor work done by someone else. You'll learn techniques that ensure the preservation of your clients natural lashes while you undo whatever mistakes caused by a poor eyelash extension application.