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Dear Future Lash Artist Expert,

Hi, my name is Karen Martiz, owner of Lash Blvd, Lash Like a Pro and lash certification training expert.

If you’re looking for the most complete ultimate online lash extension training course ever assembled without the need to go to another live workshop, or pay any other exorbitant fees for add-ons or updates then you’ll want to read this entire letter.

Imagine getting all the eyelash extension training and support you need, in complete step by step detail, to be able to add a new skill to your serviceable skill set, charge higher fees and offer a high-in-demand service that's only been increasing, all without having to travel or worry about having information that's outdated and is more affordable than any other training ever on the market.

Why should you have to take precious time out of your already busy schedule to attend overpriced live training that's most likely incomplete, inconvenient and time intensive?

Even if you’ve already been trained, sometimes there are aspects you learn were not part of your initial training either because it was purposefully omitted, or the information simply wasn’t available at the time you learned it.

Doesn’t it frustrate you to have to retake a course and pay more money for something you thought you had already paid for?

Shouldn’t you just get access to the new stuff without having to pay another fee, travel to another location or take time away that could have been used to earn more money or spending your already extremely limited time with family?

Plus, isn’t it frustrating that there is usually no other ongoing support after the training is done?

Who do you go to after the live training is complete when you have a question?

About Us

Let Me Alleviate Your Fears

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Since the training is all online, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your desktop, laptop or other preferred mobile device used to access video on the net.

This training is full and complete.

You’ll learn all forms of eyelash extension methods including:

  • Classic Lash Training
  • Volume Lash Training

And you’ll never have to worry about having outdated information, as you’ll get continual updates for life as part of being a founding member of this exclusive program.

No additional training fees, ever.